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ZEBRA ZXP 3 Card Printer Ribbon:

Colour Ribbons, YMCKO, R2 (800033-340):

Zebra YMCKO, R2 is a high capacity YMCKO card printer ribbons produces full-color photo ID cards on the Zebra ZXP 3 ID Printer. The Zebra can produce up to 280 card prints with sharp four-color images and text and barcode, while adding a clear overcoat layer that protects your cards abrasion and wear andtear. High capacity ribbons save money in the long run because they lower your cost-per-card print and fewer ribbon purchases over time.


Ribbon Type                             High Capacity Full Color with                                                                  Clear Overlay (YMCKO)

Ribbon Prints                            280 Card Prints

Printer Compatibility                Zebra ZXP 3


Colour Ribbons, YMCKO, R1 (800033-840IN):

This ribbons can print approximately 200 full color images. It is perfect for single sided printing and will give you beautiful near photo quality images. This printer utilizes DTC (Direct to Card) printing that bonds pigment to the cards using heat. This ribbon also has a clear overlay to protect the card from wearing over time due to use.


Brand:                                      Zebra Technologies 
Series:                                      True Color ix Series 
Printer:                                      ZXP Series 3 
Print Process:                          Direct to Card (DTC) 
Colors:                                      Full color Images – YMCKO (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Overlay) 
Prints:                                       200 Full Color Images



Colour Ribbons,YMCKOK,R1(800033-848IN)

This ribbons is perfect for printing gift cards, membership passes, and more. This ribbon is designed to work in the Zebra Dual-Sided ZXP 3 printer. It will print about 165 cards for you. It will give you the full color, near photo quality images on one side and black elements on the other. It is perfect for your design on the front and the fine print on the back. This genuine Zebra ribbon will get the job done for you.

Ribbons Specifications:

Brand:                     Zebra Technologies 
Series:                     True Color ix Series 
Printer:                    ZXP Series 3 
Print Process:         Direct to Card (DTC) Dual Sided Printing 
Colors:                     Full Color – YMCKOK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Overlay, and Black) 
Prints:                      165 Double Sided Cards

zebra_800033_340_ymcko_full_color_ribbon_1103228 - 2


zxp3_cmyk_ribbonYMCKOK Color Ribbon, R2 (800033-348IN):

The Zebra 800033-348 Color Ribbons – YMCKOK ribbons is designed for color images and black barcodes on ID cards. The Resin Black Panel (K) is best for printing barcodes and the O panel is a clear protective overlay and the second black (K) panel for the back side of the card.


  1. Full Color YMCKOK Ribbon with overlay panel
  2. Designed for dual-side printing. YMCKO for one side and second K panel for the back side.
  3. Includes Cleaning Roller
  4. 230 prints per roll
  5. Compatible with the Zebra ZXP Series 3 card printers
  6. Replaces the Zebra 800033-848 Ribbon

Special Features:-Black Resin Panel
Clear Overlay Panel
Cleaning Roller Included
Second Black Panel for Back of Card    zebra_800033_340_ymcko_full_color_ribbon_1103228 - 3Monochrome Black Ribbons, R1 (800033-801):

Zebra 800033-801 Resin Black (“K”) ribbons are monochrome (1-color) ribbons.

Zebra 800033-801 black monochrome ribbons are primarily used for printing text and one-color line art on one or both sides of a card.YMCKO Half-Panel card printer ribbon prints up to ½ the length of your plastic card in full color, prints the full card with black, and adds a clear overlay – compatible with Zebra ZXP3printers.


  1. Manufacturer and item#: Zebra 800033-801
  2. Black monochrome ribbon
  3. Cleaning roller included
  4. 1000 prints per roll
  5. Zebra 800033-801 ribbon is for use with ZXP Series 3 card printers.

800077-701 Zebra Black Monochrome Ribbon 2,500 printsMonochrome Ribbon, White(800033-809):Zebra 800033-809 White ribbons are monochrome (1-color) ribbons.Zebra 800033-809 white monochrome ribbons are primarily used for printing text and one-color line art on one or both sides of a card.To maintain your Zebra card printer’s warranty, genuine Zebra ribbons must be used. The Zebra 800033-809 white monochrome ribbon is for use with the ZXP Series 3 Zebra ID card printers.


  1. Zebra Ribbon TypeWhite monochrome ribbon kit
  2. Prints per Roll850 images
  3. Zebra Card Printer Compatibility Zebra ZXP Series 3 card printers

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